Interior and Exterior Gypsum Solutions

Assaf Gypsum & Installations is one successful gypsum and plastering business operating in the domestic and commercial sectors, across Malta and Gozo. 

30 Years Experience in Gypsum Supply & Installation

For over 30 years, we have proudly done a comprehensive range of beautiful gypsum creations for every client to transform their home or commercial ideas into reality. By using the leading brands of gypsum building materials, metal profiles and other supplies, we ensure to carry out bespoke gypsum installations through a meticulous process for a high-standard finish.

Our Gypsum And Plastering Brands

Gypsum Creations and Installations

Whichever idea you have in mind, we can make it using the latest gypsum materials and finish it to perfection with a smooth plastering application for a neat and beautiful-looking living or working space

Suspended Ceilings

Made with gypsum, suspended ceilings are the perfect solution when looking for a modern, aesthetically smooth finish to transform your home or workspace. Plus, gypsum ceilings are ideal to conceal electrical wiring and other services.

Partitions & Fake Walls

With gypsum partitions, our team helps you create new spaces in an open plan and even within a limited area. Partitions are simply great for creating fake walls without the need to carry out structural surveying and are thus economical.

Wall Panelling

As an alternative to feature walls gypsum wall panelling is the latest go-to choice to make your home or office space attractive. With plenty of designs and paint to choose from, Assaf Gypsum & Installations can create a bespoke finish in any room for that stylish result.

Wall Units & Shelving

Perfect to create a made-to-measure TV unit, wall unit or custom design pigeon hole style shelving, the configurations we can help you design using just gypsum are endless. Whatever the amount of wall space you have, we can create a bespoke gypsum product.

Bulkhead Designs

At Assaf Gypsum & Installations we can transform your boring ceiling to the next level with unique bulkhead layouts. Gypsum bulkheads are incredibly useful for hiding electrical and plumbing services, doing built-in speaker systems or creating custom lighting layouts.

Coving & Ceiling Roses

Coving and ceiling roses are ideal for concealing slight imperfections in the ceiling. But, they can also be those stylish features your room needs to have a complete look in an attractive way. Our team installs plain gypsum coving and ceiling roses, but can also create customised designs for that touch of bespoke elegance.

Gypsum Supplies At The Best Price

For high-quality gypsum installations and plastering, we’ve always got you covered with the latest gypsum building materials on the market. Whether it’s gypsum boards, metal profiles, self-drilling screws, wallboard nails or others, come pay us a visit at our workshop to ensure you have all the essentials for your gypsum project.

Some of our products

60cm x 60cm gypsum soffit tiles

Metal profiles

Interior and exterior gypsum boards

Gypsum installation accessories

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